The Black Law Students Association is focused on enhancing its members’ social and academic experience at Indiana University Maurer School of Law. BLSA provides its members with a solid network of support through mentoring and social events. The group is also involved in community service and mentoring students at Bloomington schools. BLSA also sponsors and organizes two of the Law School’s most popular annual events: the Rapheal M Prevot, Jr. Barristers' Ball and the Gong Show, where students get a chance to show off some of their non-legal talents.

We are proud to boast a very diverse membership composed of African, Indian, Asian, and Latino descent as well as students with a particular interest in the minority community. BLSA represents each of these individuals, serves as a collective voice, and provides each member with a supportive community which cultivates success during and after their law school matriculation. BLSA also attempts to foster an awareness of, and commitment to, the needs of minority communities around the world. We aim to assure BLSA members ultimately retain this awareness and commitment as they move into their professional careers as attorneys.

Each year, BLSA leverages the diverse strengths and talents of its members to serve both the Law School and Bloomington community in various ways. During any given year, BLSA works towards organizing community service efforts, professional development workshops, social activities, cultural and political events, recruitment and retention outreach, and alumni mentorship opportunities. BLSA’s active participation in ongoing service projects reflects its deep commitment to both the Indiana University and Bloomington communities.

Strong partnerships are crucial to the fulfillment of BLSA’s organizational goals. As a result, we are always seeking to foster strong relationships with law firms and corporate sponsors, neighboring BLSA chapters and the National chapter, and both the Indiana University and Bloomington communities. Please feel free to contact us with ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.

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